Radic8’s Hextio 2-in-1 Air Steriliser and Air Purifier is a compact and portable unit with an effective rate of 99.9999% in a single air pass against COVID-19.
A tested and proven product made in Korea and in the market since 2004!

In a SINGLE air pass, Radic8 Air Steriliser achieves an effective rate of 99.9999% on:
– Respiratory viruses including COVID-19!
– Bacteria, mould, fungi
– Fine dust and other allergens
– VOCs like formaldehyde, toluene
– Noxious gases
– Ozone free

Radic8’s Hextio is compact and portable, covering an area of 20 m2.
Ideal for personal use at homes, small offices and reception desks.



Q1: What is so unique about Radic8’s Hextio Air Sterilisers?

Radic8’s Hextio Air Sterilisers is able to achieve clean air at 99.9999% efficiency rate in a SINGLE air pass!
Other manufacturers require a higher airflow rate per hour for their equipment to come close to this result, if at all, as their equipment do not clean the air in the same efficiency as the Radic8 Viruskiller.
To date, this is a feat not accomplished by manufacturers of similar devices.

Q2: How is the air treated with Radic8’s Hextio Air Sterilisers?

The contaminated air within the enclosed room will go through a 2-stage process of purification and sterilisation to achieve the best results:

1. Purification Process
A powerful fan draws contaminated air into the pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter to take care of larger particles before passing through the patented sterilisation reactor chamber containing a UVC lamp.

2. Sterilisation Process
Using Radic8’s Patented Reactor Chamber – The Heart of VirusKiller Technology
– Chamber is Chromed Mirror Coated to maximise the reflection and refraction of the UVC radiation in the chamber.
– Chamber contains UVC lamp surrounded with Nano Filter Tubes containing Titanium Dioxide and Activated Carbon to achieve the best unparalleled results.
The emitted UVC light reacts with Titanium Dioxide surface and through a process called photocatalytic oxidation, produces hydroxyl radicals that breaks down cellular structures of viruses and bacteria.
Clean air will then be pushed back into the breathing zone, completely sterilised and ozone free!

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